“3=4” Strikes Again

Mary “3=4” Flynn strikes again. I have dubbed Flynn “3=4” because, during the debate over putting a pool at Weed Beach, Flynn wanted to change a committee vote from 3 to 4 because she believed she knew how an absent committee member would have voted if she had been present. This madness didn’t work and the idea of a pool at Weed Beach went the way of the debris from Sandy.

But “3=4” is back.

It seems that Karen Armour tried to get back on the RTC. The deciding vote was to be cast by Flynn. You have to understand that Armour is not without credentials. Among her credentials, Armour was moderator of the RTM for many years. One would think that Armour was a shoo in. Not so. Flynn voted against Armour. Armour’s problem was that she was not a supporter of Republican First Selectman Jayme “Gone Girl”  Stevenson and didn’t make the RTC cut during the last caucus. “Gone Girl” has to maintain total control because she is not bright enough to deal with unscripted moments.

What was really surprising about Flynn’s rejection of Armour was that Armour and Ursula Forman, Flynn’s mother, were friends and political allies back in the day. That didn’t matter because “3=4” wanted to remain one of “Gone Girl’s” “Mean Girls” and be able to sit at the cool kids’ table.

This all comes from the top secret meeting of the RTC. Despite being top secret, it has been discussed all over town.

Walter Casey


The Good Guys Won

The good guys won. Darien is going to have Paramedics based in Darien. This is an unambiguously good thing.

It was in 2008 when I first began writing about the need for Darien based Paramedics. That was eight years ago. Eight years!

My biggest supporter in my crusade for Paramedics was my wife, Ronni, who just recently passed. She was a nurse and realized the insanity of what Darien was doing.

Vin Burke has been a steadfast supporter of Paramedics over the years. Joe Miceli, a dentist, was not afraid to speak out publicly about the need for Paramedics.

Rob Richards won a seat on BOS and began talking aboutvParamedics immediately.He changed the game.

Then came along the tall Irish consultant from the Midwest who was not afraid to speak the truth. McGrath’s conclusion that Darien needed Darien based Paramedics simply could not be ignored.

I have to thank two inviduals who helped me behind the scenes. The first is a woman who was a great  sounding board. The second, helped in so many ways because of his knowledge of EMS procedures. This gentleman was integral to our success.

Darien based Paramedics will save lives. The good guys won.

Walter Casey

Thank You

This blog started with a test on December 15, 2014. Eleven months later, on November 15, 2015, I changed to a new monitoring system that blocked bot attacks from Russia, Ukraine, China and elsewhere. In the eight months since that new monitoring system was installed, this blog has received over 6000 unique visits, over 25 000 total visits and over 50,000 page views. This is beyond anything I expected. Thank you for your support.

With the passing of my wife, the blog has slowed down a bit. I am working through some difficult times but with the help of my family and friends I will make it. I would like to thank the blog’s readers for all their support.

I am not going away. This is your blog and I will continue to try and bring you stories that inform you about what is really going on.

Walter Casey

David Barrett

Just after I first moved to Darien, I attended a BOE meeting. There was a discussion about reducing the number of elementary schools in Darien from five to four. I stood up and pointed out that, given the numbers before me, closing a school would leave very little room for error. Enrollment had been dropping and it would be time for another wave of young parents to settle in Darien. This would cause enrollment to start rising again.

BOE Chairman Amy Squyres was dismissive of me and my ideas. The only Board member who listened was David Barrett. The Squyres plan was a disaster. It split the town and led to the closing of Holmes School and the end to Darien’s neighborhood school system.

David Barrett stood out in his opposition to this failed plan. Eventually David and I and a small band of diehards proved to be right. Holmes was reopened and the neighborhood school system was restored to Darien.

It was with real sadness that I learned of David’s passing. Darien has needed more David Barretts. Alas, that has not been the case.

Walter Casey

Gene Coyle

There has been much written about Gene Coyle’s wonderful life. I just wanted to add a couple of personal remembrances of Gene. It was great the way he would start a pool about political races while holding court in the Sugarbowl. This would lead to great political discussions. The monetary stakes were small but the payback in terms of generating ideas of the current political landscape was huge.

I also remember sitting at the back of the Middlesex Club with Gene and others and discussing current events especially politics. Gene’s brother would join us when he was in town. There would be newspapers strewn all over the grass.

These are among my fond memories of Gene.

Walter Casey



It was one week ago today that I said goodbye to Ronni, my wife of almost 45 years. She died suddenly while working as a nurse at Norwalk Hospital. Ronni’s speciality was helping mother’s and babies. She loved helping to bring life into this world and then nurturing it.

Many of you knew about my loss and have expressed very warm feelings of support and comfort. Thank you, you have been very kind.

Ronni was this blog’s biggest supporter. She read every comment before it was posted. I started this blog because of my crusade to bring Paramedics to Darien. The people who have opposed Darien based Paramedics are against what Ronni was most trying to sustain, LIFE. When her mother was visiting us and had a stroke, it was her idea to write a letter about how her personal experience only reinforced our commitment to Darien based Paramedics.

For the near future, this blog’s activity will be somewhat limited. I hope you will understand. However, I will continue to push for Paramedics. For her and for you.

Once again, thank you.

Walter Casey

Darien, The Melting Pot

This week saw graduation day at DHS. I found it interesting to read about the valedictorian and the two salutatorians. We live in a world obsessed with defining people by race, gender and the list goes on. So I  went along and noted that the valedictorian and one of the salutatorians were Asian females. Their primary academic interest appears to be science. This would be in keeping with the Asian stereotype and I mean that in a positive sense. This country and the world need more scientists.

If you read the Darien land transfers, it is not uncommon to see Asian names buying into Darien. As with many of us, the Darien school system is a key reason. While Darien is producing outstanding athletic teams, it is refreshing to see some students succeeding through the academic route. In Darien, sports are a means of admission to college. Sports make a candidate for college admission appear well rounded and, from a practical standpoint, college team rosters need to be filled.

The second salutatorian is a white male. He is more the Darien stereotype. While clearly an excellent student, he excelled as a member of the golf team and was a Postie. Enter my nemesis, Post 53. Another example of Post 53’s main objective which, like sports, is to help get kids into college. It is very disappointing to me that students like this salutatorian never spoke out publicly in favor of Darien based Paramedics. Such a statement to put the patient first would have been the right thing to do. It might have also have had the practical effect of impressing college admissions officers.

It will be interesting to see if Darien continues to see an influx of Asians. Maybe we will have our very own Chinatown. My wife would like that.

Walter Casey


I attended the RTM meeting on Monday June 6, 2016, D Day.

The RTM was given a presentation about the plan for LED lights in Darien. The really interesting aspect of this project is that the RTM will have no part in analyzing or approving this project. It seems that the BOF has found money in a reserve fund and this money will be used to fund the LED project. This means that the RTM has been made unnecessary. Essentially, First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl”, Stevenson does not want anyone, especially the RTM, asking questions. If she were a strong, confident and competent leader, “Gone Girl” would welcome RTM input and approval. There must be something in the details that “Gone Girl” doesn’t want disclosed.

The next item on the RTM agenda was postponing the approval of the funds for cost overruns on 35 Leroy. The thinking is that it is better to wait until all the litigation costs are known before closing out the accounts. The estimate is that the trials will take place in September 2016. However, Town Counsel Wayne, “The Mouthpiece”, Fox made no guaranties as to when things might be finalized. For example, I can imagine appeals taking more time. Therefore, I am suspicious that there was another reason for the delay like no one really has a clue as to the condition of this building and more work needs to be done.

I addressed the RTM and again raised the issue of whether the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) was valid when issued and what is the true condition of 35 Leroy today. Sarah, “The Mean Moderator”, Seelye cut me off. However, the next day she sent me an e mail and said that she had referred the CO issue to Fox. I called Fox and referred him to this blog and my comments on the minutes of Shuffle Building Committee. I also told him that I thought an independent firm should br hired to assess the true condition of the building. We may have spent too much for 35 Leroy but it would be nice to know that at least the building is a safe and healthy work environment.

The RTM approved the delay.

The final RTM agenda item was the approval of a feasibility study of a do over of the town garage. The RTM approved the study. In the process, there was an interesting discussion of combing functions at the garage and elsewhere. For example, town employees and BOE employees have separate kitchens at the garage. I have been told that town employees get cold cuts when working overtime, think stacks of bologna. BOE employees, on the other hand, are served catered food by Michael Joseph’s. You can’t make this stuff up.

Walter Casey



What Is She Afraid Of?

I have been in Boston enjoying my 50th reunion at Boston College. These festivities took precedence over my publishing blog comments. However, you kept checking in and this blog is very close to 5500 unique visits. This number keeps climbing. Thank you very much for your continued interest.

Now that I am back, I want to tell you something that I have been working on. Using the FOI law, I am trying to get copies of documents leading up to the EMS consultant’s final report.

First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl”, Stevenson is fighting my efforts. Apparently, “Gone Girl” feels there is something to hide. “Gone Girl” is too stupid to realize that even if she defeats my FOI efforts, she will still lose. That is because everyone will realize that she definitely does have something to hide.

By the way, Darien still does not have Paramedics based in Darien.

Walter Casey