Show Me The Body

Occasionally, someone says to me that they would support having Paramedics based in Darien if I could prove that not having them based in Darien has caused or will cause a human life.

I cannot prove that not having Paramedics based in Darien has caused or will cause a death. I wouldn’t even try.

Barring a case where a patient has been decapitated, the objective of both Post 53 and out of town Paramedics should be to save the patient. The objective is not to declare a victim dead but rather to get the patient to the hospital and save him or her. Post 53 Director Ron Hammer famously told us at a BOS meeting that patients were alive when Post got them to the hospital. Death should take place in the emergency room not on the way. There is also the subtle issue on whose scorecard does the death get recorded. Finally, people need to understand that privacy laws make it almost impossible to investigate cases.

I want to add another consideration. The risk from slow Paramedic response is not only death. A patient can survive but recovery will be greatly diminished because of slow Paramedic response.

What is disturbing about someone asking these questions is that they have made no effort to think through the answer. In addition, they fail to recognize that almost all other towns have come up with the answer.

Walter Casey

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