The State of the Town

Monday evening, I attended the State of the Town RTM meeting at Town Hall.

Susan Cameron, P&Z Chairman, spoke about the Town Plan of Conservation and Development which must be completed by 6/30/16. Personally, I hope there is more conservation than development. She also spoke of the three major development projects which will change the face of Darien for decades. More on these projects in the future.

Michael Harman, Chairman of the BOE, gave what I thought was a subdued presentation. He said that the budget review would be done on a Saturday rather than spread over many weeks. This should be interesting. Harman did warn of capital projects to come as overcrowding is an issue.

Jon Zagrodzky, Chairman of the Board of Corruption (BOC) aka BOF spoke the longest and was very critical of Darien’s ability
to manage large capital projects like school facilities and 35 Leroy. The problem with Zagrodzky is that he has no credibility. Many feel that the BOC was the real cause of the special education crisis, I certainly do. Then, Zagrodzky’s management of the audit, non-audit review smacked of a cover up. Hence, the Board of Corruption.

The Queen of Mean, First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson told us that Darien is ready for terrorism and that we have a great emergency plan. This MORON might want to realize that Darien does not have Paramedics and has an inadequate and convoluted EMS system. “Gone Girl” praised school administrators for “adjusting” to working at 35 Leroy. “Adjusting,” I’ll say. Thank God we have had a warm fall. “Gone Girl” also wants the “administrative details” of 35 Leroy finalized next year. By “administrative details” I assume she means heating, mold, the roof and a possibly fraudulent CO among other things.

The State of the Town indeed.

Walter Casey

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