“3=4” Strikes Again

Mary “3=4” Flynn strikes again. I have dubbed Flynn “3=4” because, during the debate over putting a pool at Weed Beach, Flynn wanted to change a committee vote from 3 to 4 because she believed she knew how an absent committee member would have voted if she had been present. This madness didn’t work and the idea of a pool at Weed Beach went the way of the debris from Sandy.

But “3=4” is back.

It seems that Karen Armour tried to get back on the RTC. The deciding vote was to be cast by Flynn. You have to understand that Armour is not without credentials. Among her credentials, Armour was moderator of the RTM for many years. One would think that Armour was a shoo in. Not so. Flynn voted against Armour. Armour’s problem was that she was not a supporter of Republican First Selectman Jayme “Gone Girl” ┬áStevenson and didn’t make the RTC cut during the last caucus. “Gone Girl” has to maintain total control because she is not bright enough to deal with unscripted moments.

What was really surprising about Flynn’s rejection of Armour was that Armour and Ursula Forman, Flynn’s mother, were friends and political allies back in the day. That didn’t matter because “3=4” wanted to remain one of “Gone Girl’s” “Mean Girls” and be able to sit at the cool kids’ table.

This all comes from the top secret meeting of the RTC. Despite being top secret, it has been discussed all over town.

Walter Casey


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