The Good Guys Won

The good guys won. Darien is going to have Paramedics based in Darien. This is an unambiguously good thing.

It was in 2008 when I first began writing about the need for Darien based Paramedics. That was eight years ago. Eight years!

My biggest supporter in my crusade for Paramedics was my wife, Ronni, who just recently passed. She was a nurse and realized the insanity of what Darien was doing.

Vin Burke has been a steadfast supporter of Paramedics over the years. Joe Miceli, a dentist, was not afraid to speak out publicly about the need for Paramedics.

Rob Richards won a seat on BOS and began talking aboutvParamedics immediately.He changed the game.

Then came along the tall Irish consultant from the Midwest who was not afraid to speak the truth. McGrath’s conclusion that Darien needed Darien based Paramedics simply could not be ignored.

I have to thank two inviduals who helped me behind the scenes. The first is a woman who was a great  sounding board. The second, helped in so many ways because of his knowledge of EMS procedures. This gentleman was integral to our success.

Darien based Paramedics will save lives. The good guys won.

Walter Casey

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