Darien, The Melting Pot

This week saw graduation day at DHS. I found it interesting to read about the valedictorian and the two salutatorians. We live in a world obsessed with defining people by race, gender and the list goes on. So I  went along and noted that the valedictorian and one of the salutatorians were Asian females. Their primary academic interest appears to be science. This would be in keeping with the Asian stereotype and I mean that in a positive sense. This country and the world need more scientists.

If you read the Darien land transfers, it is not uncommon to see Asian names buying into Darien. As with many of us, the Darien school system is a key reason. While Darien is producing outstanding athletic teams, it is refreshing to see some students succeeding through the academic route. In Darien, sports are a means of admission to college. Sports make a candidate for college admission appear well rounded and, from a practical standpoint, college team rosters need to be filled.

The second salutatorian is a white male. He is more the Darien stereotype. While clearly an excellent student, he excelled as a member of the golf team and was a Postie. Enter my nemesis, Post 53. Another example of Post 53’s main objective which, like sports, is to help get kids into college. It is very disappointing to me that students like this salutatorian never spoke out publicly in favor of Darien based Paramedics. Such a statement to put the patient first would have been the right thing to do. It might have also have had the practical effect of impressing college admissions officers.

It will be interesting to see if Darien continues to see an influx of Asians. Maybe we will have our very own Chinatown. My wife would like that.

Walter Casey