I attended the RTM meeting on Monday June 6, 2016, D Day.

The RTM was given a presentation about the plan for LED lights in Darien. The really interesting aspect of this project is that the RTM will have no part in analyzing or approving this project. It seems that the BOF has found money in a reserve fund and this money will be used to fund the LED project. This means that the RTM has been made unnecessary. Essentially, First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl”, Stevenson does not want anyone, especially the RTM, asking questions. If she were a strong, confident and competent leader, “Gone Girl” would welcome RTM input and approval. There must be something in the details that “Gone Girl” doesn’t want disclosed.

The next item on the RTM agenda was postponing the approval of the funds for cost overruns on 35 Leroy. The thinking is that it is better to wait until all the litigation costs are known before closing out the accounts. The estimate is that the trials will take place in September 2016. However, Town Counsel Wayne, “The Mouthpiece”, Fox made no guaranties as to when things might be finalized. For example, I can imagine appeals taking more time. Therefore, I am suspicious that there was another reason for the delay like no one really has a clue as to the condition of this building and more work needs to be done.

I addressed the RTM and again raised the issue of whether the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) was valid when issued and what is the true condition of 35 Leroy today. Sarah, “The Mean Moderator”, Seelye cut me off. However, the next day she sent me an e mail and said that she had referred the CO issue to Fox. I called Fox and referred him to this blog and my comments on the minutes of Shuffle Building Committee. I also told him that I thought an independent firm should br hired to assess the true condition of the building. We may have spent too much for 35 Leroy but it would be nice to know that at least the building is a safe and healthy work environment.

The RTM approved the delay.

The final RTM agenda item was the approval of a feasibility study of a do over of the town garage. The RTM approved the study. In the process, there was an interesting discussion of combing functions at the garage and elsewhere. For example, town employees and BOE employees have separate kitchens at the garage. I have been told that town employees get cold cuts when working overtime, think stacks of bologna. BOE employees, on the other hand, are served catered food by Michael Joseph’s. You can’t make this stuff up.

Walter Casey