What Is She Afraid Of?

I have been in Boston enjoying my 50th reunion at Boston College. These festivities took precedence over my publishing blog comments. However, you kept checking in and this blog is very close to 5500 unique visits. This number keeps climbing. Thank you very much for your continued interest.

Now that I am back, I want to tell you something that I have been working on. Using the FOI law, I am trying to get copies of documents leading up to the EMS consultant’s final report.

First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl”, Stevenson is fighting my efforts. Apparently, “Gone Girl” feels there is something to hide. “Gone Girl” is too stupid to realize that even if she defeats my FOI efforts, she will still lose. That is because everyone will realize that she definitely does have something to hide.

By the way, Darien still does not have Paramedics based in Darien.

Walter Casey