Just an Old Woman

Is it true that Post 53, without Paramedics, responded to a call to Christie Hill to assist an elderly woman who had fallen? Is it true that upon arrival and assisting this elderly woman, a DHS Postie called for Paramedics to respond because the patient was exhibiting “altered mental states.” After the obvious delay, did Paramedics respond to find the elderly woman experiencing cardiac arrest? Is it true that the Paramedics were not able to revive the elderly woman on Christie Hill? This woman was old, should we even care that Darien’s EMS system didn’t give her a chance? Should we care more about the woman on Birch Road who died yesterday because she was younger and had kids in school? Why should we care about her either? Isn’t it just tough luck because they lived in Darien? Why should we care? Doesn’t “Gone Girl” First Selectman Jayme Stevenson have herself another term? Don’t the DHS Posties have their college applications in? Haven’t some or all even been admitted early? Isn’t it time to start planning the Food Fair? Why should we care about these two women?

I make no apologies. I only wish I had started doing this sooner. It might have saved some lives but that’s on me.

Walter Casey

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