Classical Gas

In the early 80s, I worked for a company in Southern California that made large pumps for LNG and LPG. I am not an engineer but I read the engineering reports and developed a tremendous respect for LNG and LPG. They are about as explosive as it gets without going nuclear. To give you an example, I will only have charcoal, not gas, barbecues.

A few weeks ago, I was driving past Holmes Avenue and saw that the police had blocked it off. I later learned that a gas pipe had been ruptured accidentally and the area around Holmes Avenue was evacuated. I thought of my days at the plant in Costa Mesa. There was a firehouse down the street and we would joke that if we had a fire, we would not hear sirens. We would be long gone when the fire engines’ sirens could be heard. The firemen knew what we had on site and they would wait for ignition before arriving.

I know that natural gas is cheap and “Gone Girl” is pushing for Darien to use more natural gas. I just hope someone is watching the safety aspects.

Walter Casey

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