Habemus an RTC Hit Job

Last evening at Town Hall, a new RTC was chosen. However, it was black, not white, smoke that appeared from the chimney of Town Hall. That is because of the way that the new RTC was chosen.

Eunuch Republican Selectman Kip Koons sent an email out to those who might attend the RTC caucus. He listed the 26 candidates that were vying for the 21 RTC positions. He crossed off five names that he did not want people to vote for. They were: Karen Armour RTC Chair, Vin Burke RTC Vice Chair, Malcolm Hall RTC Recruitment, Nanci Natale RTC Communications and Laurie Williamson RTC Secretary. For a sitting Selectman to pull a move like this raises the sleaze bar in Darien Republican politics to a new level. It also means that these five were doing a great job for Darien in general and its Republican Party in particular.

The five were not selected so the hit job worked. Essentially, the RTC was decapitated. As a result of all of this, I considered raising Koons’ status from Eunuch to Boy Toy within the universe of The Mean Girls (“Gone Girl” Jayme Stevenson, Susan “The Troll” Marks and Terrie “Dumb as” Wood). However, this was hardly a manly act. If this is his harem, what’s a Eunuch to do but follow orders. The harem is in charge.

The full story is more complicated and I will be bringing it to you in the very near future. However, you should know now that this hit job had nothing to do with strengthening the Darien Republican Party or helping the people of Darien. It was all about money and desperation. Stay tuned.

Walter Casey

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