“3=4” Strikes Again

Mary “3=4” Flynn strikes again. I have dubbed Flynn “3=4” because, during the debate over putting a pool at Weed Beach, Flynn wanted to change a committee vote from 3 to 4 because she believed she knew how an absent committee member would have voted if she had been present. This madness didn’t work and the idea of a pool at Weed Beach went the way of the debris from Sandy.

But “3=4” is back.

It seems that Karen Armour tried to get back on the RTC. The deciding vote was to be cast by Flynn. You have to understand that Armour is not without credentials. Among her credentials, Armour was moderator of the RTM for many years. One would think that Armour was a shoo in. Not so. Flynn voted against Armour. Armour’s problem was that she was not a supporter of Republican First Selectman Jayme “Gone Girl”  Stevenson and didn’t make the RTC cut during the last caucus. “Gone Girl” has to maintain total control because she is not bright enough to deal with unscripted moments.

What was really surprising about Flynn’s rejection of Armour was that Armour and Ursula Forman, Flynn’s mother, were friends and political allies back in the day. That didn’t matter because “3=4” wanted to remain one of “Gone Girl’s” “Mean Girls” and be able to sit at the cool kids’ table.

This all comes from the top secret meeting of the RTC. Despite being top secret, it has been discussed all over town.

Walter Casey


The Good Guys Won

The good guys won. Darien is going to have Paramedics based in Darien. This is an unambiguously good thing.

It was in 2008 when I first began writing about the need for Darien based Paramedics. That was eight years ago. Eight years!

My biggest supporter in my crusade for Paramedics was my wife, Ronni, who just recently passed. She was a nurse and realized the insanity of what Darien was doing.

Vin Burke has been a steadfast supporter of Paramedics over the years. Joe Miceli, a dentist, was not afraid to speak out publicly about the need for Paramedics.

Rob Richards won a seat on BOS and began talking aboutvParamedics immediately.He changed the game.

Then came along the tall Irish consultant from the Midwest who was not afraid to speak the truth. McGrath’s conclusion that Darien needed Darien based Paramedics simply could not be ignored.

I have to thank two inviduals who helped me behind the scenes. The first is a woman who was a great  sounding board. The second, helped in so many ways because of his knowledge of EMS procedures. This gentleman was integral to our success.

Darien based Paramedics will save lives. The good guys won.

Walter Casey

Thank You

This blog started with a test on December 15, 2014. Eleven months later, on November 15, 2015, I changed to a new monitoring system that blocked bot attacks from Russia, Ukraine, China and elsewhere. In the eight months since that new monitoring system was installed, this blog has received over 6000 unique visits, over 25 000 total visits and over 50,000 page views. This is beyond anything I expected. Thank you for your support.

With the passing of my wife, the blog has slowed down a bit. I am working through some difficult times but with the help of my family and friends I will make it. I would like to thank the blog’s readers for all their support.

I am not going away. This is your blog and I will continue to try and bring you stories that inform you about what is really going on.

Walter Casey

David Barrett

Just after I first moved to Darien, I attended a BOE meeting. There was a discussion about reducing the number of elementary schools in Darien from five to four. I stood up and pointed out that, given the numbers before me, closing a school would leave very little room for error. Enrollment had been dropping and it would be time for another wave of young parents to settle in Darien. This would cause enrollment to start rising again.

BOE Chairman Amy Squyres was dismissive of me and my ideas. The only Board member who listened was David Barrett. The Squyres plan was a disaster. It split the town and led to the closing of Holmes School and the end to Darien’s neighborhood school system.

David Barrett stood out in his opposition to this failed plan. Eventually David and I and a small band of diehards proved to be right. Holmes was reopened and the neighborhood school system was restored to Darien.

It was with real sadness that I learned of David’s passing. Darien has needed more David Barretts. Alas, that has not been the case.

Walter Casey

Gene Coyle

There has been much written about Gene Coyle’s wonderful life. I just wanted to add a couple of personal remembrances of Gene. It was great the way he would start a pool about political races while holding court in the Sugarbowl. This would lead to great political discussions. The monetary stakes were small but the payback in terms of generating ideas of the current political landscape was huge.

I also remember sitting at the back of the Middlesex Club with Gene and others and discussing current events especially politics. Gene’s brother would join us when he was in town. There would be newspapers strewn all over the grass.

These are among my fond memories of Gene.

Walter Casey