Fraud Fair

This coming Monday we can all enjoy the Memorial Day Parade. Near the front of the parade will be Post 53. After the parade, Post will host the Fraud Fair at Tilly Pond. The Fraud Fair is to raise money for Post, the organization which has fought having Paramedics based in Darien. You would think that Post would have led the fight for Paramedics so Darien would have the very best EMS system and lives could be saved. Even now, Post will not open its stuffed coffers to pay for Darien based Paramedics until a contract for Paramedics is finalized.

I have often wondered what a day in the life of Post might be like. Let me just think what last Saturday 5/21/16 might have been like.

At about 2PM, did a call from CMED dispatch Post on a mutual aid call to Norwalk to assist an injured police officer near I-95 after a high speed chase? Did a Postie ask CMED if this was a priority call requiring lights and sirens? Wouldn’t any call involving a Cop Down require lights and sirens? Did the Posties have to ask directions four times?

Did a second call for mutual aid to Norwalk come from CMED? Did it take some time for Post to decide that they would respond? If so, why?

If Norwalk asks for mutual aid from Darien, it means that Norwalk’s Paramedics are busy. Calling for Post’s EMTs is better than nothing. It also means that Norwalk has no Paramedics to respond to Darien. Of course, Darien has no Paramedics.

At about 2:30PM, did Post have to respond to a rollover on Middlesex Road without a supervisor? Did an off duty AEMT Post supervisor have to respond?

Was this one day in the life of Post 53?

Enjoy the Fraud Fair.

Walter Casey

Shop New Canaan

I have an idea for all those who live in Noroton Heights and are concerned with the scale of the Golden and Palmers Development Projects, Shop New Canaan. Just drive north to New Canaan and shop, dine and go to the movies and then drive back to Darien. New Canaan always seems to have plenty of parking and doesn’t have the traffic madhouse that the Heights will soon have. In fact, the traffic is already pretty bad in the Heights. The drive to and from New Canaan will take less time than trying to drive through Noroton Heights.

For those of you living south of I-95 or who have to deal with the Corbin Development in downtown Darien, I might suggest trying downtown Stamford. Downtown Stamford has a large number of restaurants and huge apartment buildings. Stamford’s Grand Boulevards make getting into and out of downtown Stamford much easier than dealing with downtown Darien or Noroton Heights.

I would recommend downtown Norwalk but I have no idea where it is. There is no there there.

Walter Casey

Seasonal Sex Changes

The following takes place in the future and is, at least for now, necessarily fictional.

The Darien media reports that Stephanie will play Women’s Basketball this winter and Stephen will play Men’s Lacrosse this spring. Stephanie/Stephen is subject to seasonal sexuality syndrome and self identifies as a woman in the winter and a man in the spring. The summer and fall are up for grabs. Stephanie/Stephen has notes from his parents and her doctor.

Not so oddly, the Darien media also reports that another DHS student Stephen will play football in the fall and Stepanie will play Women’s Volleyball in the winter. Stephen/Stephanie is also subject to seasonal sexuality syndrome and self identifies as a man in the fall and a woman in the winter. The summer and spring are up for grabs. Stephen/Stephanie has notes from her parents and his doctor.

At a raucous BOE meeting one parent yelled out “you know it’s a freak show when the freaks are running the show.” Officials roundly denounced this non-inclusive remark and said that DHS restrooms would be up for grabs, first come, first served.

Another parent rose and displayed a newly minted three dollar bill with Caitlyn Jenner’s picture. This irate parent accused an official of being as transgendered as a three dollar bill.

Calmer heads prevailed when someone quoted the coach of the UCONN’s Championship Women’s Basketball Team as saying “just think how good the women’s team will be with men playing for it.” This precipitated a lively discussion about how to have more DHS male athletes self identify as women and bolster women’s sports teams. The idea of men improving their odds of college admissions and scholarships if they could apply as both a man and a woman was also discussed.

Even though the BOE meeting lasted for hours, no one went to the bathroom. At least for that night, holding it seemed the wise thing to do.

We are going places we have never gone before.

Walter Casey

On Golden Pond

It looks like the Weed Beach pool idea has been put on hold. There will be an effort to study where a pool should be located. I have an idea.

The Golden Project is the huge development planned for the Stop and Shop site in Noroton Heights. A major problem is that this site accumulates water underground and this water finds itself to the surface in great gushes. Not that long ago a severe flash flood in that area proved life threatening to workers on Heights Road.

Why not build a pool in what is now the Stop and Shop parking lot? There will probably be enough water left over for an aquarium. This entire aquatic complex will be surrounded by tall apartment buildings and restaurants. Sound crazy? It is but no crazier than most of the other ideas “Gone Girl” is coming up with these days.

Walter Casey


The editorial in the 5/12/16 issue of the Darien Times brought up the paper’s annual crusade to cut the size of the RTM by half or one third. Let us be clear, assistant editor Susan “Horror Show” Shultz doesn’t write anything without clearing it with the true editor Republican First Selectman Jayme “Gone Girl” Stevenson. “Gone Girl” wants the RTM reduced to make it easier to control the town.

Putting this perverted motive aside, let us examine the math in this editorial. The editorial bemoans the fact that “only” 74 of 93 RTM members were present at this year’s budget meeting. Thus, 20% (19/93) of the members were absent. However, the editorial fails to mention that these 74 members are 24 members larger than the 50 members that would be present if a 50 member RTM had a 100% attendance. The larger RTM clearly provides Darien residents with more representation.

If a smaller RTM of 50 members had a consistently high 90% attendance or 45 members, it would take only a 45% attendance in a 100 member RTM or a 48% attendance in a 93 member RTM to provide equal representation.

I think the only elections that get 80% turnouts in Darien are Presidential elections. The RTM is doing a good job in turning out.

It is not just that Shultz and Stevenson don’t have the best interests of Darienites at heart, the real problem is that they are stupid. The innumeracy in this article puts their stupidity on display.

Walter Casey


In the Friday, 5/13/16, edition of the Darien News, there was a front page interview with Darien Republican First Selectman Jayme “Gone Girl” Stevenson. The interview was uneventful until the end. After discussing the opioids epidemic, “Gone Girl” said the following and I quote the final paragraph verbatim.

“It is tremendously frustrating for me because public health and safety is the number one responsibility of government and we’re not doing enough.”

Note “we’re not doing enough.” There is a problem so she spreads the blame. This is from the First Selectman who refers to the BOS as “My Board.” Stevenson is a PHONY.

What really upset me is her reference to “public health and safety” as being “the number one responsibility of government.” This is from the person who has done everything in her power to prevent Darien from having its own Paramedics thereby endangering Darienites.

This is from the person who was the only Selectman to vote against a second consulting study after the first EMS consultant withdrew from the assignment. A second vote, a do over, was required so this idiot could vote in favor of a second study which concluded, unfortunately for “Gone Girl,” that Darien needs its own Paramedics.

“Gone Girl” is a PHONY.

Walter Casey

Good Riddance

Ron Hammer is retiring as Director of Post 53. GOOD RIDDANCE.

I should not have been the one leading the fight for Darien based Paramedics. Hammer should have been the one. Instead, he did all he could to delay the inevitable and put his patients at risk. I remember Hammer stonewalling my FOI request for data on Paramedic response times. After much delay, I finally obtained the data which allowed me to calculate and then disclose the true and much longer response times. Hammer should have wanted the best for his patients. He didn’t.

Hammer is being replaced by Nancy Herling who, I am told, is Dave Campbell’s sister. I hope she does not carry the curse of 35 Leroy. Herling’s resume looks like she has been a professional Darien volunteer. Herling is a long time Postie which means she has been complicit in the idiotic EMS system we have.

Herling’s highest priority will be the Food Fair. Screw getting Paramedics based in Darien on an emergency and interim basis while a final contract is negotiated. Post will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th, not even the 21st, century.

Walter Casey


I started this blog on 12/15/14. Eleven months later on 11/15/15 I installed a new app that better measured unique visits or unique vistors. That improved app was installed six months ago.

Tonight, Friday 5/13/16, at 8PM this blog recorded its 5000th unique visitor. I am humbled by your response. This is beyond anything I expected. I just want to thank you for your support.

I will do my best to keep you informed about what really goes on in Darien. We are governed by stupid, corrupt people. I am doing the best I can with limited resources. A big problem for me is that I am a terrible typist. In addition, I have more stories of ineptness and corruption than I can quickly process.

I have a very limited email list because I cannot handle more. I send most emails individually to protect readers privacy. I am sorry but I cannot send more emails personally.

I am not really covering daily news like obituaries but I do hope to cause the political death of some of our incompetent and corrupt political leaders.

My main reason for starting this blog was to advance the cause of Darien based Paramedics. We have made progress but I will not ease up until the job is done. It makes me sad and angry thinking of those we have lost and will lose as the powers that be take their time basing Paramedics in Darien.

The special education scandal, 35 Leroy, Hecker Avenue, retroactively changing votes, Darien’s Madoff, the candidate for Selectman that didn’t pay her bills, the big development projects and now the pool. I am amazed at what goes on in Darien without consequence to the perpetrators.

I am troubled by the heroin epidemic and the suicides in Darien. I am at a loss to know what to write. There is something very wrong in Our Town.

Hopefully, this blog will bring positive change. We are living in a mini Republican Chicago where there is no sign of the people saying enough.

Once again, thank you all and stay tuned.

Walter Casey

The Pool at 35 Leroy

Let us all understand that Darien is talking about building an outdoor swimming pool in the most vulnerable area of Darien. If you go into Noroton Bay, you still see signs of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The surviving houses there have been raised in order to survive the next Big One and to obtain insurance.

Yet this is the area that First Selectman Jayme “Gone Girl” Stevenson has selected for an outdoor pool that can be used for at most three months each year. For architecture, I would select the German gun emplacements at Normandie as a model. They are still there after all these years. My bet is that any other style will end up in the backyard of St. Luke’s when the next Big One hits.

But let’s get serious about where a pool should go. My suggestion is that we go with an outdoor pool on the roof of 35 Leroy and an indoor pool in the basement of 35 Leroy. The roof at 35 Leroy has been providing challenges for years and this is a way to tame this beast. Just think of the view of the Corbin Project and smell of the dump on a hot humid August afternoon from this rooftop oasis.

Putting an indoor pool downstairs would help us learn what exactly is downstairs. What better way to fight mold than by adding more water.

We are going to need a real salesman to sell this concept to the taxpayers of Darien. I would recommend John “Darien’s Madoff” DiMenna to sell this idea. He can wear his ankle bracelet cum GPS and selling this concept can be the community service portion of his sentence. This guy can sell ice to Eskimos or air rights to Wee Burn members. By the way, allowing “Darien’s Madoff” to sell non-existent air rights over Tilly Pond with the Town getting a cut of the action should serve as an added incentive for him.

Putting a three month outdoor pool at the most vulnerable part of Darien makes no sense. An indoor pool should have gone into the high school when it was built. Instead, we got a cafeteria that was too small the day it opened. By the way, Dave Campbell of 35 Leroy Building Committee fame was also the head of the DHS Building Committee.

An indoor pool should still go into the high school. It can be used by the teams and be open to the public the rest of the time.

Walter Casey

The Undecideds

The Undecideds are coming to a bathroom near you. I do not mean those who have not made up their mind about which candidate they will be voting for and are considered as Undecided by pollsters. No, I mean those who are unable to decide their sexual orientation and will be able to select the bathroom of their choice.

It is hard to believe this is going on but it is. How this ever got to be a civil rights issue is beyond me. If this is an issue, we are talking End Days of the Roman Empire.

I thought the big bathroom civil rights issue would be how long women have to wait versus men. Think hockey and football games or when the tour bus pulls into a rest stop. To me LGBT meant Ladies Go Before Tom where Tom is a generic for men. Now it seems feminists will need to change LGBT to Ladies Go Before Transgenders.

It would seem that women can’t win. Men who think they are women will now go to the Ladies room and have to sit down making the stalls even more congested. Women who think they are men will go to the Men’s room and still have to sit down, contortionists aside, although the stalls shouldn’t be as crowded.

Either way, real women or virtual women, men who think they are women, will still be taking longer and still be forced to take a seat. Only real men or virtual men, women who think they are men, seem to benefit from this movement. Real men still don’t have to sit down most of the time and virtual men get to use less congested stalls. Men win.

Don’t be surprised if androgynous chameleons like Boy George cause chaotic waits at I-95 rest stops as they try to decide. To prevent these long waits, I urge that decisions be made quickly with the following words from “Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind” by the Lovin’ Spoonful as an encouragement.

Did you ever have to finally decide?
Say yes to one and let the other one ride
There’s so many changes and tears you must hide
Did you ever have to finally decide?

If you read all the lyrics, you will realize that I gratuitously took these words out of context because they somewhat kind of fit and I really like the song.

God help this country.

Walter Casey