Board of Corruption

It wasn’t bad enough that former BOE Chairman Betsy Haggerty-Ross is back on the BOE as Vice Chairman. We now know that Jon Zagrodzky will be Chairman of the BOF. By being named Chairman of the BOF, Zagrodzky is rewarded for helping to cover up the special education scandal. As a result, I am renaming the BOF the Board of Corruption (BOC).

Zagrodzky was in charge of what was supposed to be an audit which then became a non-audit and ultimately a review. I have no idea what a review means. I do know that Darien loves a good cover up and Zagrodzky was rewarded for providing one. The audit, non-audit review of billing the state for special education excess costs was a joke and Zagrodzky made a fool of himself. I will discuss potential conflicts of interest in a future comment.

I understand that Darien has a new public accounting firm. I can only imagine that the new CPA firm is Dewey Plugett and Howe. This is a joke but you would have to be a CPA to get it.

Walter Casey CPA

Thanks and No Thanks

I just wanted to take a moment and mention some of things for which I am most thankful.

I am most thankful for my family. I am also thankful for this time of year because I will get to see much more of them.

I am most thankful for this country. While there are things going on in the U.S. that I have trouble believing, it is still the only country to live in.

I am thankful for the opportunity to publish this blog and all of the support it has received. The response to my trying to get out the truth about Darien has been overwhelming. Thank you.

I am going to keep this comment positive but I do want to mention that I am not happy for the inept and corrupt government we have in Darien. We deserve better but we also deserve who we vote for.

Happy Thanksgiving

Walter Casey

Hide Away the News Network

I believe the HAN Network should stand for Hide Away the News Network. The HAN Network has focused on covering high school sports and relegated truthfully covering governmental issues in Darien to a low level priority, at best.

While the Turkey Bowl is important and deserves coverage, Darien based Paramedics, 35 Leroy, manipulating the RTM and other critical Darien issues also deserve to be truthfully covered. They are not being truthfully covered at all.

The reason these and other important Darien issues are not being covered is that Darien does not have a free press. I have said that Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson is the real editor of the Darien Times. The nominal editor, Susan, “Horror Show,” Shultz is actually, in my opinion, the assistant editor who does the bidding of”Gone Girl.”

I am certain “Gone Girl” and her other Mean Girls could go on and on about how Obama benefits from the Main Stream Media falling all over itself to only say nice things about the President. In reality, “Gone Girl” and her administration enjoy the same blind favorable coverage from the Darien Times.

The Darien Times has a coffee each Thursday morning at the Sugar Bowl. Two weeks ago, “Horror Show” Shultz cancelled the coffee that would have been held last Thursday. As I understand it, the reason for the cancellation was Horror Show’s inability to handle criticism from the non Mean Girls’ wing of the Darien Republican Party. The criticism involved “Horror Show” being in the pocket of “Gone Girl.” Apparently, “Horror Show,” Shultz couldn’t take the criticism and cancelled the next breakfast.

Enjoy the Turkey Bowl in person or on Hide Away the News Network. Just understand, that you will not be getting any objective coverage of the important issues facing Darien.

Walter Casey

The State of the RTM

In December, town officials will address the RTM and paint a rosy picture of the state of Darien. Before that, I think we should consider the state of the RTM. I believe it is not in a very good state.

I served for ten years in the RTM. My recollection is that, when a vacant spot had to be filled, the applicant provided the district chairman with his or her background. I have talked to other long serving RTM members and that is also their understanding. I now hear that applicants now must supply the town clerk with a copy of their resumes. Why is the town clerk interested in applicants’ resumes? My guess is that she isn’t. I and others are concerned that Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson and her troll Republican Selectman Susan, “The Troll,” Marks want to review these resumes and try to influence who becomes a member and committee assignments of those who are members. They would do this through fellow Mean Girl, the Mean Moderator, Sarah Seelye. I hope I and others are wrong but I fear we are not.

In what may be an example of Gone Girl’s meddling, it is my understanding that John, “The Bully,” Boulton has transferred to the TGS&A committee of the RTM. TGS&A sounds like a perversion but, in reality, it stands for Town Goverbment, Structure and Administration. I call Boulton “Bully” because, every time I mention his name to someone, the person says Boulton is a bully. Boulton recently had a female member of the RTC file a police report against him because of his conduct at an RTC meeting. That didn’t help his reputation. There is a feeling that “Gone Girl” wants Boulton to push through a Blight Ordinance which could be used against her enemies or to take control of properties to help developers. For example, the fall cleanup of leaves on my lawn would be considered a blight.

At the last RTM meeting before the election, the RTM voted overwhelmingly not to turn over 35 Leroy to the BOE. There were just too many unanswered questions. The Mean Moderator was clearly upset that the vote didn’t go the way her boss, the Queen of Mean, Gone Girl wanted. She tasked the relevant committee chairs with developing questions for town officials and town counsel. Wrong. The First Selectman, Gone Girl, should be responsible for providing the RTM with a coherent explanation of the transaction transferring 35 Leroy from the town to the BOE. This might include a written lease with the town as lessor and the BOE as lessee. It might also include an explanation of how 35 Leroy could get a CO without having heat. Then, RTM members can ask intelligent questions.

Finally, the RTM has to take back the podium from the Mean Moderator. It is not her podium. The podium belongs to all RTM members of which she is only one and to the people of Darien who have the right to address the RTM.

Walter Casey

No Refugees, No Paramedics

Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson has asked Darien’s representatives in Hartford to ask Governor Molloy to detail the vetting process for Syrian refugees. First of all, the vetting process is a Federal process. Beyond that, let us be clear what is going on here. “Gone Girl” is trying to get publicity especially among Hartford Republican leaders. If “Gone Girl” really cared about Darienites, she would have Paramedics based in Darien.

Walter Casey

Darien’s Mean Universe

Darien is run by the Mean Girls. The Queen of Mean is Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson. The fiasco at 35 Leroy is a monument to her incompetence but her meanness is exemplified by her refusal to have Paramedics based in Darien thus endangering her neighbors.

Her hand maiden is Republican Selectman Susan, “The Troll,” Marks who trolls for “Gone Girl.” Mindlessly, Marks does the bidding of her Queen.

Liz Mao was another Mean Girl but she had the good taste to not run again for the BOF. Mean Girl Betsy Haggerty-Ross, on the other hand, is back on the BOE as Vice Chairman, not Chairman. Her presence is said to help the BOE by bringing continuity. On the contrary, when you have presided over an enormous scandal, turnover, not continuity, is what is needed. The BOE remains corrupt as it ever was.

The Mean Moderator, Sarah Seelye, tries to keep the RTM under wraps so never is heard a discouraging word that might upset “Gone Girl.” You see the Mean Girls must not have unscripted moments. They are not bright enough to handle debate.

Of course, none of this would be possible if Darien had a real newspaper. “Gone Girl” is the real editor of the Darien Times. Susan, “Horror Show,” Shultz is her assistant editor and makes sure the truth about “Gone Girl” and her administration does not come out.

The Mean Girls are assisted by their political eunuchs. Former Republican Selectman Jerry Nielsen has been a eunuch and his replacement Kip Koons is my choice to be the eunuch in waiting. I have read that Nielsen had a benefit to raise funds for Post 53, Darien’s inadequate EMS system. I have also read that Nielsen has horses on extensive horse farms. It would not surprise me if Nielsen has spent more time worrying about the veterinary care his horses receive than he has spent worrying about the emergency medical care Darienites receive.

At the bottom of the Mean Chain of Command are the Boy Toys. The Boy Toys are sent out to do the muscle work for the Queen of Mean. I would put John Boulton in this category. Boulton was a member of the RTC until a female RTC member filed a police report about his behavior. Some think Boulton is one police report away from being unemployable. John Sinni Qua Non is also considered an enforcer for “Gone Girl.” I think it is fair to say that these two characters are, by now, not taken seriously by others.

There you have it, Darien’s Mean Universe that defines our politics. Consider the Mean Universe a video game with the characters above the game’s avatars. Forget Star Wars, the next big battle in this game will come for control of the RTC.

Walter Casey

Parking for Drones

I have said that the three major developments planned for Darien, Corbin, Palmers and Golden should be viewed as projects undertaken by the town itself. This is because these three developments will redefine and then define Darien for decades. The town has to get these projects right. Thus, P&Z and other relevant town bodies should consider these developments their developments.

That is why I believe a very careful analysis has to be performed regarding the assumptions behind the retail component of these developments. I am watching CNBC and listening to the problems in the retail sector and hoping that someone in town government will incorporate these retail problems into the analysis of these developments.

For example, are the retail problems due to weak overall demand, strong online sales or both? We shop online with LL Bean and get our order delivered the next day to our home in Darien. Does Darien really need an LL Bean type anchor store in downtown Darien? Instead, it might be better to have a landing field for a regional drone delivery depot for a store like LL Bean or e-retailer Amazon. Only half kidding.

Walter Casey

Mean Moderator

It’s called the “Miceli Rule.” It is a new rule in the RTM that limits speaking at the podium to the Moderator, the Mean Moderator. It came about because Joe Miceli spoke from the podium at the RTM meeting dealing with the house next to Holmes School. I and others also spoke in favor of requiring the building to be demolished but Joe was the most notable and he is an RTM member. The motion to demolish the building passed narrowly and the Mean Moderator, Sarah Seelye, the BOS and BOE were furious. They wanted the BOE to have discretion on what to do with the building. The winning counter argument was that there was a fear of creating another 35 Leroy.

The “Mean Girls” must have total control. There cannot be an unscripted moment. They are not bright enough to deal with the give and take of debate. They must read from a script, their script. I have been told that RTM members and committees have been told not to discuss sensitive topics. The “Mean Girls” led by Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson must have total control. They love Democracy as long as they control it.

The RTM podium is the members’ podium. It is the people’s podium because Darienites can speak before the RTM. It is not the Moderator’s podium especially the podium of the Mean Moderator, Sarah Seelye.

Walter Casey

Exorcism at 35 Leroy

Our new School Superintendent is a psychotherapist and he came to the right place, 35 Leroy that is.

I do not think we need the body of a Jesuit wearing his head backwards to know that 35 Leroy is possessed. I do not think we need an Assistant Superintendent levitating above her desk with her head doing 360s while she vomits all over enrollment projections to know that 35 Leroy is possessed.

Look, it is four years and 35 Leroy has yet to get a floor board heating system. The United States won World War II in four years. In fact, wild swings in temperature and strange weather systems within the building are clear indicators of just how certain we can be that 35 Leroy is possessed. The rumor is that the morning at 35 Leroy starts with an internal weather forecast and not a staff meeting.

One explanation is that this old library is haunted by the ghosts within the books that were once housed there. Think of the homicidal cars, primal scream cell phones or murderous dogs of Stephen King that still reside. How about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein roaming the halls with Dracula?

What we need first is the crew from one of those ghost hunting TV shows. But to really solve this problem of getting these Ghosts Busted, who are you going to call? The Jesuits, of course? Just solicit bids from Fordham, Georgetown, BC and, of course, Fairfield to get an authentic Jesuit exorcism. I bring up the bidding process with the full knowledge that the vendor chosen by the 35 Leroy Building Committee went bankrupt immediately after he was paid. I think the Jesuits are good for it.

So there it is. That is my serious suggestion for solving the never ending saga of 35 Leroy.

Walter Casey

The RTM: Size Matters?

It is clear that interest in serving on the RTM is not at a fever pitch. What should be done, if anything?

The easy answer is to cut the size of the RTM from 100 to say 50. I am not sure that would be so easy. First, it is difficult to encourage new members when you are telling them that they may be joining so they can vote on their self firing. Second, how likely is it that RTM members would vote to cut their numbers in half not knowing who would be a survivor. It might be hard to reach a majority.

Beyond these and other practical problems. I believe the concept of a New England Town Meeting is an all inclusive Town Meeting. Literally, everyone in town can come, discuss and vote. As towns get bigger, it is necessary to limit the size of the meeting so Darien has 100 members. Having 12,000 adults show up would not be practical.

My solution is to keep the RTM size at 100 and view it as a “not to exceed” number of members. Vacancies can be filled by residents who want to get started in service to the town. This would also be in keeping with, what I believe to be, the original intent of the New England Town Meeting.

Walter Casey