Incompetent and Corrupt

I have said that Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson’s administration has been incompetent and corrupt. Let me be more specific.

“Gone Girl” has done everything in her power to prevent Darien from having Paramedics based in Darien. I believe she wants to keep spending in Darien to a bare minimum so she can look good to Republican kingpins in Hartford. She is trying to look good compared to Democratic Governor Molloy and thereby enhance her standing with Republicans in Hartford. “Gone Girl” also wants to avoid upsetting the Post 53 fan club in Darien. Finally, I think she is just stupid and doesn’t understand the issues with Paramedics. As a result,”Gone Girl” endangers her constituents without blinking an eye.

“Gone Girl” has a reputation in town that does not befit someone holding her office. If she does not deserve her reputation, then she has the reputation without having had the fun that earns one such a reputation.

“Gone Girl” picked a woman as running mate who didn’t pay her bills. It showed a complete lack of judgement. This woman withdrew.

“Gone Girl” has had difficulty keeping staff at town hall. Of special interest was the departure of Karl Kilduff.

“Gone Girl” has appeared to agree with developers before the new proposed developments have been vetted.

“Gone Girl” failed to obtain a second moratorium for new affordable housing projects.

“Gone Girl” has completely lost control of 35 Leroy, both managerially and financially. I don’t think she has a clue as to the status of the building’s refurbishment or what it has cost or will cost.

Although I am sure I have forgotten some debacles, I am going to end now with one final debacle. “Gone Girl” stood silent in the face of the special education scandal. She showed no leadership in the face of a scandal that brought shame on all of Darien.

For these and other reasons, I call Stevenson “Gone Girl” because she is killing Darien and getting away with it. See the movie or read the book or do both. You can probably tell I won’t be voting for “Gone Girl.”

Walter Casey

“Gone Girl” Owns 35 Leroy

I just finished watching the 10/26 RTM meeting. I concentrated on the portion of the meeting dealing with 35 Leroy. To say the meeting was confusing is an understatement. It was clear that First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson had not done her job in preparing material to explain the resolution to transfer 35 Leroy to the BOE. The vote on the resolution was postponed by an overwhelming vote.

The matter was too confusing to try and explain it here. Frankly, I couldn’t explain it. However, I did learn something new. Apparently, 35 Leroy needs a new roof and windows and this will cost in the neighborhood of $500,000. As a result, it would seem that the overrun on 35 Leroy will increase from $1.0 million to $1.5 million. There may be another $220,000 in costs incurred by the BOE which should be added to that overrun. The amount of these overruns would allow Darien to have Paramedics based in Darien for years.

I don’t think “Gone Girl” has any idea what 35 Leroy actually costs and therefore she owns it.

Walter Casey


I believe there are three reasons that First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson is doing everything possible to prevent Darien from having Paramedics based in Darien. I list them in descending order of importance.

State Politics. “Gone Girl” is a legend in her own mind. She is on the State Republican Central Committee. Some say she wants to run for a statewide office or get a paid job in Hartford. The state is in terrible financial shape and I think she wants to be able to say that she had extremely small increases in spending if she has any increases at all. She could then compare herself favorably to our Democratic governor. Paramedics will cost money and that is not in her plans. “Gone Girl” does not care how many of us she kills in the process.

Local Politics. I believe “Gone Girl” is protecting Darien’s existing convoluted and inadequate EMS system because she believes it helps her with the Post 53 fan club. This may be changing as more people come out for Paramedics but “Gone Girl” clings to the old view that Paramedics are not needed in Darien. The fact that Darien needs Paramedics is irrelevant to our self absorbed First Selectman.

Stupidity. “Gone Girl” is stupid. She is dumb. Even after all this time I doubt that she knows the difference between BLS and ALS. I don’t think she realizes the consequences of Darien not having EMTAs in the future. “Gone Girl’s” stupidity is a threat to Darienites.

Walter Casey

The Debate

The LWV debate was not a big deal. Here are my quick observations. I am not going to spend much time analyzing because there was not much to analyze.

The moderator needed the panelists to moderate the debate. I am sure the moderator is a nice person but she needs to retire and make way for someone who is still of this world.

Chris Noe was Chris Noe. He says some amazing things well beyond even The Donald.

McIlmurray said that Paramedics are inevitable. He is correct but what really was inevitable was that he would say Paramedics are inevitable. This is because he originally made a fool of himself by saying that Post 53 is great because it leads kids to a career in medicine but expressed no concern for patients. McLlmurray had to try and restore some credibility.

Werner was too nice to Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson. She has run a corrupt and incompetent administration and being nice to her is not the answer. He also did not mention his support of Paramedics which is a differentiator.

Richards stumbled a bit but recovered. He is new, fresh, enthusiastic and optimistic and supports Paramedics which distinguishes him.

Thorne and “The Troll” Marks were not memorable.

Coons comes across as a placeholder like Nielsen has been.

Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson thanked Republican Nielsen for his service as Selectman but did not thank the Democrats who are also leaving the BOS. This was a deliberately partisan move which set a bad tone on an evening when so many panelists spoke of bipartisanship. “Gone Girl” also should have thanked them because they did exactly what she wanted them to do which was nothing. “Gone Girl” also thanked her family but you have to ask if her family would thank her.

Finally, the real question is whether Brian Cashman watched the debate or the Mets game.

Walter Casey

McLlmurray Thinks Patients Don’t Matter

There is an interesting back story in the upcoming Darien election. Some RTC members support former Republican and now Unaffiliated candidate for Selectman Spencer McLlmurray. McLlmurray was originally selected by the RTC but then lost badly to Susan, “The Troll,” Marks in the Republican caucus. Some RTM members cannot stand Marks and hence the nickname. Frankly, I do not know the derivation of the nickname.

The problem is that McLlmurray gave an interview in which he said that Post 53 was great because it helped DHS students find a career path in the medical profession. He made no mention of victims and patients. Incredibly, they were not even an after thought. Even his supporters were embarrassed and have suggested McLlmurray might now think differently about Darien’s EMS non-system. Perhaps Spencer will reconsider and will then be able to say that he was against Paramedics before he was for them and that he was against victims and patients before he was for them.

Once again, all this goes back to some RTC members wanting to prevent Susan, “The Troll,” Marks from becoming a Selectman. They fear Marks will become First Selectman when First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson leaves for a paid job in Hartford and leaves Marks as First Selectman.

I do not plan to vote for Stevenson, Marks or McLlmurray.

Walter Casey

Profiles in Courage

The last edition of the Darien Times displayed two profiles in courage. One was Rob Werner, Unaffiliated candidate for First Selectman, and the other was Rob Richards, Democratic candidate for Selectman. Both came out in favor of having Paramedics based in Darien. These two candidates follow Joe Miceli who also came out in favor of Darien based Paramedics before he was forced to withdraw from the race for First Selectman. Werner and Richards have now brought this issue into the public, political arena. This is another necessary step in the inevitable path to having Paramedics based in Darien.

In contrast, the RTC letter made no mention of the Paramedic issue. Instead, we learned that the RTC supports local control which, in reality, local Republicans cannot control. Control rests with a Democratic governor and legislature. The reason we have a Democratic governor and legislature is that CT Republicans like RTC supported Darien Republican First Selectman candidate Jayme, “Gone Girl” Stevenson have backed idiots like Linda McMahon for governor. The RTC also supports the highest educational standards but yet the RTC has renominated the current Chairman of the BOE who presided over the special education scandal, probably the biggest scandal in the history of Darien.

The RTC contained much verbiage about development. This is really what most top Republicans care about. They could care less about Paramedics. They care about development, parking and other money making schemes and very little about public health and welfare. It would be interesting to know how much time Danny, “The Traitor,” Dolcetti spends worrying about his downtown property versus paramedic response times.

Walter Casey

Another Consultant

At the latest BOS meeting, First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson announced that the she was talking to a new EMS consultant about performing a study of Darien’s EMS non-system. There was a transfer of $30,000 to pay for this latest analysis of the obvious. The last consultant resigned from the study without a coherent explanation. This was only the second time he had resigned from an assignment in 27 years. Mercifully, he did not charge the town.

“Gone Girl” mentioned McGrath Consulting Group as the new consultant. I started googling and found a McGrath Consulting Group Inc. in Wonder Lake Illinois, a rural town of 4,000 between Chicago and Milwaukee. Here are the details:

McGrath Consulting Group, Inc.
P. O. Box 190
7614 Barnard Mill Road
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
Tim McGrath PhD
Victoria McGrath PhD

There will be an attempt to keep this study secret so residents cannot have input. This is another attempt to avoid the obvious. Paramedics are accepted nationally and it is better if they treat victims sooner rather than later. The MORON “Gone Girl” refuses to recognize the obvious truth.

Walter Casey

It Hits Home

We had a medical emergency at our home yesterday afternoon. Before I describe what happened, I want to thank the members of Post 53, the Darien PD, CMED and Stamford EMS. They were all professional yet caring. Now I will describe what happened and reiterate why we need Paramedics based in Darien.

An elderly family member began to exhibit stroke like symptoms. My wife is a nurse and it was clear even to me what was happening. I called 911 using a land line. In Darien, I believe, if you call 911 using a cell phone your call can be routed through the State Police to the Darien PD. This is a wrinkle in our system that adds delay.

I told the Darien PD operator my address and name and that I had a 91 year old female with stroke like symptoms. I was then switched to CMED who began asking me a series of questions including whether the victim had been out of the country within the last 21 days. She had not been. There were other questions which must be part of a protocol used to assess the victim’s condition.

When speaking to the CMED operator, I demanded Paramedics several times. His response was that a response was in the works that would be appropriate. Post 53 units started to arrive. It is important to note that we live very close to Post 53 HQ. When the Posties started observing the victim, one adult Postie asked the other adult Postie about the medic and was told that the medic was “delayed.” The SEMS paramedic unit arrived, I believe, six minutes after Post arrived. This is an unacceptable delay. There is no reason why Paramedics should not have arrived at the same time as Post. They would have if they were based in Darien.

The victim was then transported to Norwalk hospital which we requested because my wife works there. At the hospital, I spoke to a SEMS member and asked which unit responded and he said Medic One which he said was based on Fairfield Avenue in Stamford. He said that Medic One was at Stamford Hospital when the call came in. This means that Medic Two which is based in Glenbrook was on another call. The Glenbrook unit usually responds to Darien because it is closest to Darien. It also happens that Glenbrook is very close to our house.

There is no reason why Paramedics cannot be integrated into Post 53 and stop this dual response system. The central person preventing this is First Selectman Jayme,”Gone Girl,” Stevenson. “Gone Girl” is dumb but she does not have the right to endanger her constituents. She is allowed to do so because her dumb constituents allow her to do so.

At this writing, the prognosis for the victim is uncertain.

Walter Casey

Worse Than the Bronx

A recent article in the on-line edition of the New York Post dealt with EMS response times in New York City with particular emphasis on slow response times in the Bronx. The story talks about how officials are trying to do something about it. First, can you imagine the Darien Times running an article covering slow response times in Darien. Never happen.

As a frame of reference, let us look at Darien Paramedic response times after CMED receives a 911 call dealing with a medical emergency. On average, it takes about four minutes for CMED to locate an available Paramedic unit, usually in Stamford. Per the Post 53 website, it then takes about 9.5 minutes for the Paramedics to reach the scene of the medical emergency for a response time of 13.5 minutes (4+9.5). However, this excludes the time it takes the Darien PD to switch the call to CMED, about two minutes. Thus, the total Paramedic response time in Darien is approximately 15.5 minutes (13.5+2).

For serious emergencies comparable to Paramedic calls in Darien, the Bronx response time is 9 minutes, 53 seconds, about 5.5 minutes faster than Darien’s Paramedic response time. Darien’s response time is much slower, 55% slower, than the Bronx’s. By the way, response times in the other four boroughs are faster than those in the Bronx and therefore much better than Darien’s.

The article goes on to state that “a rapid EMS response time significantly increases a patient’s chance of survival.” The article continues: “Brain death can occur in four to six minutes in respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest and overdose cases.” Yes, Darien has overdose cases. “When you overdose, you stop breathing,” an EMS source in the article says and then continues “What makes the difference whether you live or die is how quickly I can get to you.”

The most important take away from this article is that there are officials in NYC that really care about their residents. First Selectman Jayme, ” Gone Girl,” Stevenson simply does not care. Her four fellow Selectmen are useless.

Walter Casey


Recently, there was an incident that should give any Darien resident pause. A member of a family well known to Darienites was stricken by a very serious medical emergency. Post 53 EMTs could do little until Paramedics arrived and they were slow to respond. Thank God a tragedy was averted. This was almost a deadly example of why we need paramedics based in Darien.

You have to wonder what kind of person First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevnson is that she allows her constituents to be at risk.

Walter Casey