A Little Late

After reading the Thursday 8/27/15 print edition of the Darien times on Friday 8/28/15, I published a comment on my blog describing the session at the 8/24/15 BOS meeting at which a $1 million cost overrun on the Shuffle project was disclosed. Hours later, the on-line edition of the Darien Times published a story about the overrun session at the BOS. The Thursday print edition of the Darien Times had not included this story. I must take credit for embarrassing the Darien Times into finally publishing this story which is a clear negative for Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson. I have felt for some time that the Darien Times is the media outlet for “Gone Girl” and provides no objective reporting of her administration. This incident only strengthens my feelings regarding the Times’ objectivity.

For those who want to view BOS meetings with their own eyes, I recommend the live broadcast of BOS meetings on Channel 79. Replays are also available. For example, the replay of of the 8/24/15 meeting is available at 1:15 and 9:29 AM and PM. Jim Cameron and his staff at Channel 79 do a great job of making the workings of the Darien government available to the public. Take advantage of their efforts.

Walter Casey

$1 Million Overrun is not News

I attended the BOS meeting on Monday evening 8/24/15. David Campbell of the Mather Center Building Committee (The Shuffle)reported a cost overrun for the project of $1,050,000. Most of this is due to the botched job at 35 Leroy.

When I read the Darien Times, I did not see an article on this huge overrun. Maybe I missed it but I looked really hard. Funny, I thought I saw a Times reporter at the BOS meeting. Maybe the $1 million overrun wasn’t big enough to report on or perhaps there is another reason. I have felt for some time that First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson is the real editor of the Darien Times and Susan, “Horror Story,” Shultz is her assistant. With “Gone Girl’s” November reelection campaign approaching, the Darien Times may now be the media outlet for her reelection campaign and there will be no negative news about “Gone Girl’s” many failures.

Walter Casey

Someone Else Will

I originally named the three major developments in Darien Corbin, Palmers and Stop and Shop. I have changed Stop and Shop to Golden in deference to the beloved Darien figure, Mr. Golden. Also, from a practical standpoint, there are two Stop and Shops in Darien.

The latest argument in favor of the gigantic Corbin development is that if we don’t allow local developers to break our zoning rules then out of town developers will. By this logic, we shouldn’t have our own zoning regulations because someone will break them. If our zoning regulations are so easily broken, then they should be rewritten and strengthened.

The supporters of the Corbin project are desperate to come up with arguments in favor of this project which destroys the character of Darien.

Walter Casey

Hersam as in Hersam Acorn?

I reviewed the list of signers on the petition of Susan, “The Troll,” Marks which was finally printed in the on-line edition of the Darien Times. It is important to remember that a person’s signature does not indicate that person supports the candidate. Rather, a signature only indicates the signer supports the candidate’s, in this case Susan, “The Troll,” Marks, right to run for office.

Having said all that, it is interesting to note signature number 40. The signator is one Peggy Hersam of Midbrook Lane. Is this a Hersam of the Hersam Acorn newspapers which owns the Darien Times? If so, it might explain why the Times took so much time to print these signatures and then only after pressure from me and others.

Walter Casey


The three new major development projects for Darien are Corbin, Palmers and Golden. These are my names. These projects will change the face of Darien for more than a generation.

This is especially true of Corbin which is right in the heart of downtown Darien. When completed, the Corbin project, in what ever its ultimate form, will be Darien. They will be synonymous.

Therefore, I believe the P&Z Commission should treat these projects as if they were Darien’s projects, P&Z’s projects. This is especially true of the Corbin project. Darien cannot afford a mistake.

Walter Casey

Signature Does Not Mean Support

When Susan, “Horror Show,” Shultz, Assistant Editor of the Darien Times, posted on line the signatures on petitions for Selectman candidates McIlmurray, Werner and Warren and for First Selectman candidate Joe Miceli, she ended by saying that readers would now be able to see “who supports whom.” In fact, a signature does not indicate support. A signature indicates the signer supports the petitioner’s right to seek office but not necessarily support for the candidate. For example, I would have signed Susan, “The Troll,” Marks’ petition but I would never vote for her.

By the way, where are the signatures for Marks’ petition?

Walter Casey

Did You Ever Think It Would Get This Crazy?

Did you ever think it would get this crazy? It did and we know all about it.

You appeared idealistic when you started and you did some great reporting that disclosed things that made some people very uncomfortable. What was it that started to change things? Was it the money and how easily the people you covered could live their lives while you had to struggle as the Internet destroyed the incomes of journalists like you? Was it bitterness at your bosses as they dismantled the newspaper yet spent resources on radio play by play of badminton matches between Ridgefield and Wilton?

Did they just suck you in and treat you like one of them, kind of? Did being on the inside with them make you feel important? Did you get carried away with one of them at a political victory party?

Did you ever think it would get that crazy? It did and we know all about it.

Do you ever doubt that they really care about you? Do you ever think they are just using you? Do you ever feel that they just think of you as “Trailer Park Trash”? Do you ever think that your “friends” are just living in their very own metaphorical “Trailer Park”?

Did you ever think it would get this crazy? It did and we know all about it.

You can’t get out of it now, can you? Don’t they just have too much on you? Do you ever think they wonder if it is a two way street? Do you even realize that you are trapped? Even if you did would it make any difference? Is the self corruption worth whatever you are getting from them?

Did you ever think it would get this crazy? It has and we know all about it.

Walter Casey

Darien Dumb

I recently commented that there is dumb, there is dumber and there is dumbest. Then, there is Darien Dumb. I was exposed to Darien Dumb soon after arriving in Darien in 1984. We chose Darien because of commuting ease and the school system. I began to hear rumors of a school closing and decided to attend a school board meeting.

During the school board meeting, the topic of a school closing came up. There was a handout of enrollment by Darien elementary school. I pointed out that if a school was closed, then capacity utilization at the other schools would leave no room for an increase in enrollment. It seemed obvious to me that the schools would fill up again as empty nesters downsized and families planning to have children moved into town. I found out shortly that in addition to cost cutting the real reason to close a school was to provide space for a day care center to be run by the YWCA.

A group of us banded together but were unable to stop Holmes School from being closed. By the way, Holmes was in the most populous district. In addition to closing Holmes, Darien also abandoned neighborhood schools and went to grade level schools. As I had predicted, enrollment surged and there were insufficient seats to absorb the surge in children. Still there was resistance to reopening Holmes. Finally, led by a small group of us, Holmes was reopened after a landslide victory in a referendum. Neighborhood schools were also brought back.

The plan to close Holmes never made any sense. It was my first exposure to Darien Dumb. Darien Dumb is some sort of group think started by an in-crowd that catches on and cannot be stopped by logic. I will be presenting other examples of Darien Dumb from time to time. I hope these examples will shed light on today’s examples of Darien Dumb.

Walter Casey

Just a Coincidence

A little birdie told me that Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson and Republican Selectman Susan, “The Troll,” Marks were in Town Hall checking out the signatures on their opponents’ petitions. Soon thereafter and I am sure just by coincidence, Assistant Editor of the Darien Times (Note:I believe Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson is the real editor) Susan, “Horror Show,” Shultz appeared to review the petitions. Later in the afternoon, the signatures on the petitions of Miceli, McIlmurray, Warner and Noe appeared in the on line edition of the Darien Times. Could this be construed as an attempt to intimidate supporters of these four? It is interesting that Susan, “Horror Show,” Shultz showed no such interest in the signatures on the petition of Susan, “The Troll,” Marks when she petitioned to caucus.

The blatant bias of the Darien Times in favor of “Gone Girl” and her minions “The Troll” and Koons will be on full display this election season.

Walter Casey