The Biggest Losers

Grammatically there should be one biggest loser. However, this is Darien politics and there are many biggest losers. Here are the biggest losers resulting from the RTC/Caucus fiasco. There is overlap so you may want to consider using a Venn diagram to follow along.

The first biggest losers are the people of Darien. They are governed by an incompetent Republican Party that controls all Boards and Commissions. You can start with the BOE and the special education scandal. Then there is the BOF with its fraudulent non-audit review of special education billing to the state.

The next biggest losers are the readers of the Darien Times. The real editor of the Darien times is Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson whose children were babysitters for Assistant Editor Susan, “Horror Show,” Shultz who authors horror stories. The biggest horror story is the weekly edition of the Darien Times which didn’t cover the police report filed against “Gone Girl” entourage member John Boulton by a female member of the RTC. In my opinion, “Gone Girl’s” entourage is a time bomb with “political thugs” that she does nothing about. The readers of the Darien Times simply do not get the truth about what is really going on in Darien.

I call Republican First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson “Gone Girl” because she is killing Darien and getting away with it. Putting Darienites at risk by not having paramedics based in Darien, the black hole that is 35 Leroy and failing to get another moratorium are just some of the reasons that the people of Darien are the biggest losers with “Gone Girl” as First Selectman.

Danny formerly the “Duke of Darien” and now the “Traitor of Darien” because he stabbed his long time friend Joe Miceli in the back and supported “Gone Girl.” “The Traitor” is a biggest loser. “Gone Girl” needed the “Traitor’s” support like she needed Ebola. The “Traitor’s” obsession with the RTC has never translated into an effective RTC.

The RTC does have members who are good people trying to help Darien. They are in the minority and just got run over. Fred Conze became an RTC member. The theory was that he would run for First Selectman in two years when “Gone Girl” is gone. Fred is a great guy but he is a biggest loser.

Jennifer Sommer was “Gone Girl’s” pick to replace Jerry Nielsen until I disclosed that she hadn’t paid a bill in years. At the last minute, Kip Koons was selected to replace Sommer. I am told that Kip is a member of Wee Burn and therefore a must have for the BOS. Kip is also the owner of the parking lot at the Darien train station and can probably pay his bills. He is also probably worried about imminent eminent domain as applied to his parking lot by the state. Whether conflict of interest will prevent him from voting on development issues remains to be seen. His voting could spark years of litigation which is just what Darien needs. I recommend that Kip bring a jbug of Bombay Sapphire gin and tonics to BOS meetings and pretend he is on the 19th hole at Wee Burn.

Spencer McIlmurray is a biggest loser. He went from being a Republican nominee for one of the most important jobs in town to changing from a Republican to Unaffiliated voter in two weeks. You can read my comment “Hung out to Dry” for more details. The title speaks for itself..

I am going to stop. The RTC is a mess. The Republican controlled government is a mess. There are many biggest losers but the biggest biggest loser are the people of Darien.

Walter Casey

Hung Out to Dry

Well, I guess Joe Warren is left to decide if he will primary. Spencer McIlmurray has announced that he will not primary because he has quit the Republican Party. He believes the party is dysfunctional. I agree with him that the Darien Republican Party is dysfunctional. Essentially, McIlmurray was hung out to dry.

An insurgent group took over the RTC in hopes of doing exactly what I am not quite sure. Whatever it was, it does not not seem to have worked. The RTC renominated incumbent First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson thereby killing any chance of real reform. The “fish stinks from the head” so once “Gone Girl” was renominated attention turned to the nominations for Selectmen. I disclosed that “Gone Girl’s” selection replacing Jerry Nielsen was a serial defaulter. This person dropped out and some RTC members recruited McIlmurray. “Gone Girl” then countered by recruiting Koons and Joe Warren joined the field. The RTC did not select Joe Warren and Susan, “The Troll,” Marks and Marks got enough signatures to set up the Caucus battle.

For the caucus, McIlmurray needed help and, in my opinion, he didn’t get nearly enough. McIlmurray, in my opinion, was hung out to dry. So now “Gone Girl” and her entourage are in charge and the Darien Republican Part is as divided as ever.

The Republican Party is an ineffective joke. This is why I enjoy writing about the Party’s fiascos but won’t go near participating. It should be obvious why the unaffiliated voter group is growing. It isn’t just McIlmurray.

Walter Casey

Now a Primary?

The question now is will McIlmurray and Warren primary. They would probably have a better chance because they would have more time to get their backgrounds and messages out. Time will tell.

Walter Casey

Four Blind Mice

I read the interviews in the print edition of the Darien Times with the three Republican candidates for the two Selectmen positions. At that point, I was going to title this comment Three Blind Mice. Then I read the interview with Joe Warren in the on line edition and I changed the title to Four Blind Mice. My comment relates to their answer to the question relating to Darien’s EMS system.

Koons. Koons punted to First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson’s efforts to find another consultant. Of course, “Gone Girl” first voted not to have another consultant before she voted to find another consultant. Koons says that: “there seems to be some contention over the transparency of that initial examination.” Mr. Koons might have mentioned that the first consultant quit the assignment. That was only the second time he quit an assignment in 27 years. In addition, a careful reading of his resignation letter indicates a very unflattering picture of our current EMS system. Mr. Koons indicates that he has lived in Darien for over 68 years which means he is at least 68 years old. He might want to take more of an interest in this topic.

Marks. Marks punted to the next consultant if there is one. If you need another consulting study to figure out that Darien needs Darien based paramedics, then you should not be allowed out of the house in the morning.

McIlmurray. McIlmurray is wrong about response times. However, outrageously he implies that an important reason for Post 53 is to provide an important life experience for the high school Posties. He nor the other three focus on what is best for the patient. All of them are unwilling to take on the Post 53 Cult and Fan Club, i.e. the Post 53 voting block.

Warren. Joe calls the current system the best. This is patently false. Darien is rare in not having its own paramedics. Joe mentions “full time staff” which implies the money but no mention of the benefit to patients. Joe implies that Darien could not handle simultaneous incidents. This is simply untrue. If paramedics were integrated within Post, we would have the best of both worlds. The first patient would get the benefit of fast paramedic response and the following patient(s) would receive the same care they get today.

I would not vote for any of these candidates.

Walter Casey

Saving Jimmy Lee

James Bainbridge Lee, called Jimmy Lee, was Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase. He was stricken at his home in Darien and declared dead at 11:04AM at Stamford Hospital on Wednesday 6/17/15. I obtained this and other information from his death certificate. Mr. Lee was one of the most powerful men on Wall Street.

I have information that leads me to believe extraordinary steps were taken to save Mr. Lee. In fact, it is my understanding that State Police, Darien Police and Stamford Police shut down I-95 in order to expedite the run to Stamford Hospital. I do not necessarily have a problem with these extraordinary measures. If they had saved his life or any life, it would have been worth it. Rank does have its privileges in life and, perhaps, even more so in death.

I doubt these three police departments came up with the idea to shut I-95 on their own. I suspect a family member or bodyguard had a “code red” protocol and called someone who then called someone and the word came down to do whatever it took to get Mr.Lee to the hospital as soon as possible. Perhaps true panic set in when the high school Posties showed up to treat the famed financier.

Mr. Lee died at 11:04 on 6/17/15. There were only two calls for paramedics that morning. If Mr. Lee’s case is not one of them, then his case had to have been deliberately left off the CMED list I obtained under the FOIA.

Case 678. CMED received a call at 8:24AM. Two Post units, 316 and 313, were dispatched and arrived on scene at 8:33, nine minutes later. SEMS Paramedic unit 202 in Glenbrook was dispatched at 8:26, one minute after Post, and arrived on scene at 8:29, four minutes before Post. I do not see how this was possible. I am forced to question the integrity of these data. It appears that the Post ambulance and paramedic took 13 minutes to get to Stamford Hospital which would imply a police escort that cleared traffic since Stamford Hospital is almost in Greenwich.

Case 679. CMED received a call at 9:28 about one hour after receiving the call for Case 678. Two different Post units, 315 and 311, were dispatched and arrived on scene seven and eight minutes later at 9:35 and 9:36 irrespectively. The same SEMS Paramedic unit 202 was dispatched at 9:30, the same time as the Post units were dispatched. SEMS Paramedic unit 202 arrived on scene at 9:46, 10 minutes after Post arrived and 18 minutes after CMED first received the call. It appears that the run to Stamford Hospital took 19 minutes. The longer wait time for the paramedics is a disgrace.

Mr. Lee’s death certificate indicated the cause of death was a ruptured mesenteric artery aneurism. I do not know if Mr. Lee could have been saved but I do know that almost all of us would not receive the extraordinary efforts used to try and save Mr. Lee.

I believe First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson should be called on to explain why Darienites are not due Paramedics based in Darien which would be common for a town of this size and wealth. “Gone Girl” may have the political right to grub for the votes of the Post 53 Cult and Fan Club but she does not have the right to kill us in the process.

Walter Casey

Service Road

I left Tuesday night’s P&Z meeting shaking my head. All I could think of was traffic. Downtown Darien is built on what is essentially a service road for I-95. When I-95 has problems, the Post Road becomes an elderly interstate but an interstate none the less. The traffic in downtown is either intolerable or impossible. I simply do not understand how this proposal is a serious one. The traffic implications are frightening.

Apparently, First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson has met with developers and appears to favor this huge project in downtown Darien. It is unlikely that “Gone Girl” will be getting stuck in downtown Darien’s even more impassable traffic. Rather, she will be off to Hartford or somewhere else her careening life takes her.

Walter Casey

Joe Warren

It is my understanding that Joe Warren is gathering signatures and may have, in fact, already obtained enough signatures to contend with Susan, the “Troll,” Marks, Spencer McIlmurray and Kip Koons at the Republican Caucus on Monday, 7/27/15. The four would be vying for a nomination for Selectman.

Walter Casey

Falling Further Behind

On July 6, 2015, Ron Hammer, Director of Post 53, addressed the BOS. He reported that because of the State increasing the training requirements for AEMTs, Post would be dropping AEMTs. Post is already inadequate. The plan is to make itself even more inadequate. Post and Darien are already behind. Now we will be even further behind.

Hammer says the only problem will be “If IVs are required, Paramedics will establish them…… as they do today.” Hammer’s Statement implies that there is no real change but if that is true why have we had AEMTs all these years if paramedics have been doing IVs all along? I believe Hammer deliberately and incoherently downplayed the importance of this change.

The only problem is that a patient will have to wait an average of approximately 15 minutes for a paramedic. This is the average all in response time including the switch from Darien PD to CMED, the time to dispatch and the drive time to scene. This is a completely unacceptable response time.

IVs are used for hydration and medication. Even hydration can be serious and medications include drugs for pain, cardiac arrests, allergic reactions and other life threatening conditions. What the State is trying to do is improve emergency medical services and bring backward communities like Darien up to speed. In Darien’s case, it means having paramedics based in Darien.

Walter Casey

A Do Over

On 7/6/15 the BOS met and discussed hiring a new consultant to study Darien’s EMS system specifically whether Darien should have paramedics based in Darien. This issue does not need study. The answer is obvious. Darien should have paramedics based in Darien. Be that as it may, we are going to study this again.

This time the vote was unanimous including First Selectman Jayme, “Gone Girl,” Stevenson. This was a change. At a previous BOS meeting, “Gone Girl” voted against another study after the other four Selectmen, including two fellow Republicans, voted for another consulting study. The other four are not very bright but even they figured out that voting against another consulting study was a bad move. Someone with an IQ barely above 100 got to “Gone Girl” and told her to hold another vote and to vote yes. So the BOS had another vote, a “Do Over,” and “Gone Girl” got it right the second time.

This new study comes on the heels of the first consultant withdrawing from the study without explanation. This was only the second time that this consultant had withdrawn from a study in 27 years. Previously, there was an EMS Review Committe (EMSRC) which broke every FOI rule in the book in protecting Post 53 from objective analysis. Finally, some doctors from Stamford Hospital and representatives from Stamford EMS (SEMS) addressed the BOS and said that response time wasn’t that important. This was in spite of SEMS targeting an eight minute response time. Also, the CEO of Stamford Hospital disavowed his doctors testimony when I brought their comments to his attention.

At the prior BOS meeting when “Gone Girl” voted against a new consulting project, someone made the statement that it would not be worth it to search for a consultant on the West Coast. I would like to point out that heart attacks and strokes are remarkably similar in California and Connecticut. Also, Seattle has had a world class record in heart attack survival. Finally, from 1981 to 1984, our family lived in the Turtle Rock area of Irvine overlooking UC Irvine. Across the street from the UC Irvine campus was a fire house complete with a paramedic unit. That was 34 years ago. Darien is still studying whether we should have paramedics.

Walter Casey

20,000, 21,000 Thank You

This past Monday, on the way back from Ohio, this blog passed 20,000 visits. Later today, this blog will pass 21,000 visits. There are, right now, over 65,000 page views. Thank you for your readership. I am trying to bring you the news from behind the scenes that has never been covered before. The Darien Times will not cover the issues that I am covering even if you deserve to know about them.

One recent comment that garnered interest was “Surprises” which dealt with plans for three major developments in town which I label: Corbin, Stop&Shop and Palmers. The developers have property rights so something will be built. The question is will these developments fit into the future Darien that Darienites want and will the town have a plan to absorb the developments, I.e. approximately 300 housing units. One obvious concern is how will the schools absorb the new children that come with these units.

The other comment that sparked amazing interest was “Threats” that dealt with adult bullying in the political arena. The Darien Times has run numerous articles concerning on line bullying involving kids but did not cover the police incident report filed by a female RTC member against John Boulton who has now resigned from the RTC. When I ran “Threats,” many of you thanked me for exposing something that has been under wraps for a long time. Many of you expressed concern that there are those in “Gone Girl’s” entourage who feel they are immune from punishment for their bullying. I hope I have started the outing process that will end this bullying.

Many of you have asked me why I call First Selectman Jayme Stevenson “Gone Girl.” It is because, in my opinion, Stenenson is killing the town and getting away with it.

On the way back from Ohio, we stay at an historic inn in western PA. At breakfast, we struck up a conversation with a gentleman who is an MD, an interventional cardiologist. He had invented a device for minimally invasive heart valve replacements, sold it to Medtronics and became wealthy. As the conversation progressed this gentleman was rattling off facts and statistics. I asked him how he could do so and he told me, what should have been obvious, that he had a photographic memory. He is very, very bright. I explained to him in depth Darien’s EMS system featuring Post 53. He was incredulous that we did not have paramedics within Darien to cut our excessive response time. This gentleman was from Oklahoma. Basically, Darien has an EMS system like one you would find in rural Oklahoma. Not that I needed it but it was good to hear validation from someone so knowledgeable.

Walter Casey