Maintenance and Thank You

I know some of you have had trouble viewing my blog from iPhones and perhaps other smart phones. I went to an Apple Store and asked about the problem. I use an iPad, an iMac and a really dumb phone. I use my iPad to send out my comments. The Apple experts said that there is a problem on an iPhone if I send my front page. Comments doesn’t fit on the screen so you cannot access the comments. The Apple experts said it involves mobile apps and didn’t know how to fix it. To get around this I have been sending the actual comment. I think this is working. There should not be a viewing problem with pcs, iPads or iMacs. I will not be seeing my web developer for some time so I am afraid that is where things stand.

I wanted to thank all of you for your support. I am three months into this blog. After some learning pains, the blog has 5500 visits and 20000 page views. I would especially like to thank those in Redmond, Silicon Valley, Beijing, the Ukraine and Russia for being so interested in Darien.

Speaking of maintenance. I will be having some much needed maintenance but will be back on line soon. Once again, thank you.

Walter Casey

Little Miss Sunshine x 2

The editorial in the Darien Times this past week was all about how great the FOIA law is. In fact, in a truly democratic society, the FOIA should not have to be used.

The editorial in the Times was written by the editor or has her approval. I am waiting for this Little Miss Sunshine to disclose her relationships with First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and others. Was it just baby sitting or was there something else?

The other Little Miss Sunshine is First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. Her administration has been the quintessential example of obfuscation. Transparency in the Stevenson Administration has cost 50 cents per page. That is the cost of obtaining information under FOIA. That is the price Jayme Stevenson extracts. The secretive EMS consulting project serves is the most recent example of Stevenson’s inability to deal with openness. Stevenson hides things where the sun don’t shine.

Ultimately, the Truth wins out. It just takes longer with the editor of the Darien Times Susan Schultz and First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. As the Fifth Dimension said: “Let the Sun Shine In.”

Walter Casey

Moratorium for a Moratorium

When I read that Darien failed to achieve its second moratorium, I started to think about who the winners and losers would be.

The winners will be the developers who take advantage of this prejudicial law. Lawyers on all sides will win because of the litigation that will result.

The losers will be many. Darien is a big loser. Evonne Klein is a loser because she is in charge of affordable housing in the Malloy administration. Since Evonne is not working in Darien now, her husband Randy, Chairman of the Darien DTC, and local Democrats will take the heat. Generally speaking, Democrats favor affordable housing much more than do Republicans.

Republican First Selectman Jayme Stevenson is a loser because this failure to secure a second moratorium came on her watch. David Campbell got the credit for the first moratorium which came during his term. Stevenson has been in office almost four years and this just adds to her many problems.

In summary, this is a mess.

Walter Casey

No Committee for Anyone

I thought of this idea of using No Committee for Anyone and a similar title for a previous comment with respect to the Republican Town Committee (RTC) because of a movie that was popular some years ago. The movie was “No Country for Old Men” and I believe it was very violent. I did not see the movie.

I was originally going to focus on age and not violence. This is because of an incident that occurred at the Sugar Bowl. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson asked a Darien born RTM member how old he was. The answer was 69. I am 70.

The age issue popped up again with respect to the RTC when Fred Conze was defeated when he applied for a seat on the RTC. Conze is not young. I was told that someone was objecting to those attempting to repopulate the RTC on the grounds that they are too old. Stevenson is not exactly a spring chicken herself.

Now the switch from ageism to violence. RTC member Nanci Natale has filed a police incident report with the Darien PD alleging that fellow RTC member John Boulton acted in a threatening manner toward her. Threatening is the word I am using to summarize the report but it should be noted that the report describes the incident as “disorderly con/breach of peace.” Boulton agreed that “he will not talk to Natale nor have a verbal confrontation.”

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson is the titular head of the Republican Party and Jim Palen is the Chairman of the RTC. I believe they both need to publicly address this issue and state whether they favor Boulton remaing on the RTC. One consideration should be whether Boulton has been involved in an incident of this kind in the past.

The RTC needs new leadership before someone gets hurt.

Walter Casey

Does the Boss Matter?

At the good bye party for the award winning reporter for the Darien Times, I spoke with Marty Hersam. Hersam is the chief operating officer of Hersam Acorn, the parent company of the Darien Times. It seems that Hersam worked as an EMT in New Canaan and said he definitely agreed with my position that Darien should have paramedics based in Darien. Susan Schultz, editor of the Darien Times, heard the conversation but apparently chooses to ignore it. I simply do not understand how the Times continues to ignore this life and death issue even when the Boss believes Darien should have paramedics.

Walter Casey


Back in the day at the Darien Times Thursday breakfast, I and others learned that a child of First Selectman Jayme Stevenson was a babysitter for the children of Darien Times editor Susan Schultz. Recently, I confirmed this in a conversation with Schultz. Where to begin?

I believe this relationship puts the editor of the Times in an untenable position. This type of relationship creates at least the impression that the editor is not objective when covering the First Selectman and her administration.

I believe that the editor and the First Selectman must disclose the full extent of their personal dealings. They may not be believed but they have to try. I also believe that the Hersam-Acorn newspaper must disclose its fraternization policy and does this relationship violate its policy? I also believe that the editor must disclose any other awkward relationships or events that might compromise her objectivity.

Why am I bringing this topic up now? For quite some time I have been frustrated by the fact that the Times will not cover the paramedic story. I raised the objectivity issue in the conversation with the editor in which I confirmed this babysitting relationship. I made it clear that I believed that not covering the paramedic story resulted from the “friendly relationship” between the editor and the First Selectman and perhaps others. I am left with no other explanation to explain this lack of coverage of such a life and death issue over such a prolonged period.

Walter Casey

Level Playing Field

The editorial in last week’s Darien Times called for a level playing field for women. The editor of the Darien Times is a woman. This is an important position in Darien. I wonder if the editor feels that she has a responsibility to act as a role model for women. Does she think that she has a responsibility to get the job done?

For years I have been uncovering problems with Darien’s EMS system using the town’s data. I have asked repeatedly for the Times to review Darien’s EMS system or at least ask the questions I have been asking. The editor has responded with excuses and more excuses. Leaders lead and get the job done. They don’t whine and make excuses.

Post 53 has a big fan club. Questioning Post 53 will bring heat. Leaders take the heat and get the job done. Courageous editors take the heat and get the truth out especially on matters of life and death.

The editor of the Darien Times is a terrible role model for women and men.

Walter Casey

No Committee for Women (Young or Old)???

There is a story circulating that a female member of the Republican Town Committee (RTC) has gone to the Darien Police concerning, for want of a better word, “threatening” behavior by a senior, male member of the RTC. I was not at the meeting and cannot corroborate this story. Darien Republican politics are certainly getting contentious.

Walter Casey

Cohn Reznick EMS Study

The BOF’s agenda for this week includes a vote on the $27,000 appropriation for a secretive EMS study proposed by First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and passed unanimously by the BOS. Following the audit, non-audit review fiasco, I predict the vote will be unanimous in favor of spending the money. What else would you expect from the people who brought us the Cohn Reznick audit, non-audit review. In fact, I think we should have Cohn Reznick do the EMS study. It won’t make any difference. Whoever is chosen to study our EMS system will say that our system is great and Post 53 is great. Jayme has already said that our system is great. Post 53 will be providing all of the information to the consultant and I or anyone else who has questions must run the questions through Jayme. This study is a joke and it will be funded by a BOF that is also a joke.

Walter Casey

Mas Mas

When the BOF held a meeting just to introduce the Cohn Reznick then audit, BOF member Jon Zagrodzky (JZ) said that he would spend whatever time it would take to explain the then audit. That was Mas.

When the BOF held a meeting to present the final now audit, non-audit report, JZ said that the report would speak for itself, that the BOF would say no more about the now audit, non-audit report and that any questions should be referred to Cohn Reznick. That was No Mas.

Last week the BOF discussed the audit, non-audit report at its meeting and entertained questions. That was Mas Mas. What happened?

What happened was that I and others brought up real questions about the entire process as well as the audit, non-audit report. The questions were not answered especially questions surrounding conflict of interest and JZ. The BOF has proven itself unworthy of serious consideration.

Walter Casey