Elf on a 35 Leroy Shelf

Darien has been searching for a new superintendent for some time. Following the special education scandal, I suspect that the word is out that the Darien job is not a very attractive one. Why even bother with a new superintendent? Christmas is over and there are plenty of elves on a shelf available. With post Christmas discounts, the initial cost will be low. There will be no salary, medical or pension costs. How will the elf system work? The elf can be moved around strategic spots at 35 Leroy. Instead of Santa watching who is being naughty or nice, employees will be told that the elf represents a higher authority. I would use God but this is America. This is about as credible as anything else that they or we have been told. Hopefully, the elf will compensate for the complete lack of integrity evident in the special education scandal. The elf will also have the advantage of not being affected by the climate within 35 Leroy. 35 Leroy has its own climate and air quality. This is as serious a suggestion as most of those coming from the BOE. Walter Casey

Another Volunteer

Frank Huck is a member of the BOF. He also is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School and is a retired partner of a major Wall Street law firm. Has Mr. Huck raised serious questions about the fraud, non-fraud audit conducted under the leadership of fellow BOF member Jon Zagrodzky? Not to my knowledge. I wonder if Mr. Huck has raised questions about conflict of interest issues that I have raised. Does Mr. Huck think there should be greater disclosures to settle conflict of interest issues? Is Mr. Huck protecting Darien taxpayers the way he protected his corporate clients? Walter Casey

She’s Just a Volunteer

I feel the same way about Chairman Mao as I do about Jon Zagrodzky. Mao touts herself as a corporate lawyer yet her performance regarding the fraud, non-fraud audit has lacked credibility. She would not think of performing this poorly in her corporate role. Apparently, she believes that Darien taxpayers are not entitled to the same professionalism that her corporate bosses are. Walter Casey

He’s Just a Volunteer

Recently, someone said to me that I should go easy on BOF members because they are only volunteers. I countered that members run on their professional qualifications and accomplishments. Therefore, they should be held accountable as if they were in their professional roles. I find it very difficult to believe Jon Zagrodzky, a Wharton MBA, would have given they same audit presentation at a world famous consulting firm or at a well known investment management firm. His presentation lacked credibility. He either has the qualifications to make a credible presentation or he doesn’t. Walter Casey

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